What Is Co-Managed IT Services

In a Co-Managed relationship, our external IT team provides support and assistance to your existing IT team. Through close collaboration, we establish a strong bond with your internal IT support, effectively becoming an extension of their capabilities. This approach grants your organization access to specialized tools and processes that may have been previously unavailable. By addressing specific requests and conducting comprehensive analyses, we bridge any gaps or deficiencies in your current IT support structure. Let's explore how this partnership can bring significant value to your business.

Significant Improvements to Your Business Productivity

Upon entering a Co-Managed IT relationship with us, we provide your team with our existing toolset. These options and tools are fully customizable, and the online portals for each solution can be utilized by your internal IT team, our team, or collaboratively. Below is a list of common items that could be incorporated:

  • Ticketing System for Support Requests
  • IT Documentation and Asset Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection
  • Managed DNS Services
  • Anti-SPAM and Virus Filtering
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Cloud Based Managed Backups
  • Cloud Based Managed File Sharing

Here are the top three frequently encountered scenarios where Co-Managed IT Services perfectly align with existing organizations. We offer our IT services for each of these situations independently or in combination.

1) A Need for Improved Team Member Support

In this situation, your organization's internal IT team is proficient in IT planning and management/support of major internal IT infrastructure. However, they might face challenges either due to insufficient internal team member support or the overwhelming volume of requests, which hinders completing higher-level tasks on time and within budget. If your internal IT team is overwhelmed with tasks like password reset requests, printer troubleshooting, basic computer maintenance, or similar queries, we can step in to assist with this aspect of support. By taking care of these day-to-day tasks, we allow your team to concentrate on more significant needs and strategic IT initiatives for the business.

2) A Need for IT Planning and Support of Major Internal IT Infrastructure

In this scenario, your internal IT team effectively manages team member support requests. However, they might lack the necessary time or expertise to handle larger IT planning and support tasks for the organization's major internal IT infrastructure. If your internal IT team seeks assistance with best practices, significant server management/upgrades, large-scale email migrations, major network management/upgrades, or strategic IT planning, we can step in to bridge these gaps. Our expertise can address any significant risks and deficiencies, ensuring a comprehensive and robust IT framework.

3) A Need for Better IT Tools

Even if the first two scenarios do not apply to your organization, the third scenario is universally applicable. By granting access to our existing toolset for your team, your organization can boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and greatly minimize unexpected IT issues or disasters. These tools offer real-time insights, reporting, and proactive monitoring of the IT systems within your organization. We present this as a standalone option for Co-Managed IT Services or as a combination with either of the first two scenarios mentioned earlier.

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